Summer Break


7751761084_24d2f751f3_mCeMEAS wishes you a wonderful and relaxing summer break!

We will be back next semester with more exciting events and news to share with you right here!


Photo: Khánh Hmoong, Sunrise @ Bàu Trắng, Phan Thiết, CC BY-NC 2.0,

Guest Lecture: Paths to the Real – Processes of Contemporary Art in China

pengfengphotoGuest Lecture:
Paths to the Real: Processes of Contemporary Art in China
Wednesday September 7, 2016  · 4 pm (c.t.)  · KWZ 0.607
Dr. PENG Feng
School of Arts, Peking University

Does contemporary art have stages or processes? According to Arthur Danto and Hans Belting, the answer should be no. Contemporary art manifests an awareness of a history of art but no longer carries it forward. In other words, contemporary art reaches post-historical stage of art. If they were right, it means that contemporary art in Northern America and Western Europe would not have history. But the situation in China and Continue reading

Lecture Series: What’s Religious about a Dead Body? Cadaver Donations in Taiwan

10825978334_1a28310462_zCeMEAS lecture:
What’s Religious about a Dead Body? Cadaver Donations in Taiwan
Monday July 25, 2016  · 4 pm (c.t.)  ·  KWZ 0.610
Prof. C. Julia Huang
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan/VisitingScholar, The Ho Center for Buddhist Studies, Stanford University

Drawing from ethnographies, in this lecture Prof. Huang will explore the phenomenon of a recent “surge” of cadaver donations for medical purposes in Taiwan. The setting is a university founded by Tzu Chi (Ciji), a charismatic movement that runs one of the largest charities of Chinese Buddhism in the world. Since Tzu Chi founded its medical school in 1994, the total number of Continue reading

Summer School Göttingen SPIRIT 2016. “Beyond the City Limits: Rethinking New Religiosities in Asia.”

Summer School
Summer School Göttingen SPIRIT 2016. “Beyond the City Limits: Rethinking New Religiosities in Asia.”

18-22 July 2016. University of Göttingen, Germany
Göttingen Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology (GISCA), Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS) & Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS)

With the rapid urbanization across Asia, with new cityscapes, glittering skyscrapers, shopping malls, globalized forms of consumption it is easy to assume that cities are the primary sites for the production of the new. Continue reading

Meet our Researchers


Deng JunMeet our Researchers
Dr. Deng Jun
Deng Jun(邓军)received a doctoral degree in Chinese Intellectual History from East China Normal University in 2013. Currently she is a post-doctoral scholar at School of Marxism, Shanghai Jiaotong University. She will be conducting research in Göttingen University from May to September 2016. Continue reading

Guest Lecture: Floating Gods, Ghosts, and Ancestors in North China Plain

37579017_528ef1b2d6_oGuest Lecture
Floating Gods, Ghosts, and Ancestors in North China Plain: Boat-dwelling Fisherpeople’s Mobile Pantheon and Ancestral Hall
Friday July 8, 2016 · 2 pm (c.t.) · KWZ 0.610
Ching-chih Lin

Graduate Institute of Religious Studies, National Chengchi University

This talk focuses on how environmental change transformed the religious culture by examining the floating community of boat-dwelling fisherpeople in freshwater in North China. These mobile, isolated boat people adapted to a boat-dwelling lifestyle, organized aquatic social groups, and created innovative religious practices and beliefs in order to maintain their relationships with spirits and ancestors, as well as dispersed lineage members, given that they had no fixed base on land to build temples, ancestral shrines or tombs. Continue reading