CeMEAS Lecture: Globalisation and Environmental Sustainability in China

8800589580_dd856a3248_oCeMEAS Lecture: 
Globalization and Environmental Sustainability in China
Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, 6 pm (c.t.) – 8 pm, KWZ 1.601
Maoliang Bu, PhD
Associate Professor, School of Business, Nanjing University

Globalization can be bad or good for the environment of China. On one side, China may suffer from international pollution transfer. While on the other side, globalization may make China better access advanced environmental technology and management. Continue reading

CeMEAS Lecture: Was Buddha a Muslim? Ottoman Turkish Reflexions on Japan

11CeMEAS Lecture: 
Was Buddha a Muslim? Ottoman Turkish Reflexions on Japan
Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017, 6 pm (c.t.) – 8 pm, KWZ 2.601
Dr. Katja Triplett
CeMEAS, University of Göttingen

In studies on relations between Japan and Turkey, the topic of ‘religion’ has been mainly addressed in light of Islamic missionary activities and the role of Ottoman Turkish proselytizers in Japan. Recent studies have also highlighted the ways in which Japan served as a model for Ottomans in attaining “non-Western” modernity.  Continue reading

The 10th East Asia Research Salon

4961009827_3cd344eb89_oThe 10th East Asia Research Salon

Elena C. Lichtenthaler
Hungry China – How to explain China’s changing international food policy
December 6th, 2016, 5 pm-7 pm
KWZ, Conference Room 0.701, Heinrich- Düker- Weg 14, 37073 Göttingen

Ever tried to buy milk powder at a German drug store? There is a good possibility that you found empty shelves and signs with announcements like “only three packets per person”.
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Workshop: Intellectual Landscapes in Transition: Contested Knowledge Spaces in China and India

unbenanntIntellectual Landscapes in Transition: Contested Knowledge Spaces in China and India

Dates: December 1-2
Venue: Tagungszentrum an der Sternwarte, Geismar Landstr. 11.

CeMIS-CeMEAS Transregional Research Network
Forum for Global and Transregional Studies
Academic Confucius Institute Göttingen

To register for this event, please send an email to tina.schilbach@uni-goettingen.de by Tuesday, November 29th. As this is a two-day workshop, please indicate your attendance for Thursday and/or Friday.
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Guqin Lecture: 山河逸响:民国山西琴人传

20161129日,星期二KWZ 2.739 , 18:00 – 20:00

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